Hi! I’m Alex

I am a life explorer and photographer based on the beautiful Pacific coast of Mexico.
Sí, hablo español 🙂 (la versión de la página en esp viene pronto)
I’ve been passionate with photography for many years but never set out to make it my career, somehow along the way it just happened. Started shooting in 2012 – and it’s still as much a pleasure as it is a business to me.
Love traveling, interacting with people, sharing and capturing the best moments of their lives: families, couples, weddings, birthdays, architecture, kids, pets, trips – basically everything!
We approach each session with a fresh perspective and a fun attitude, laugh, love and have fun together. I love to tell your real stories through photography: your love, families, friends and emotions. This is why we always try to “pose” less, but “fish” more – for the best moments of your days & nights, spontaneous & live. This helps us create the perfect captures that you will enjoy for years to come.
I am happy and grateful to have worked and to keep working with: Vivo Resorts Beachfront Properties, Pechef Weddings, Playa Kabbalah Beach Club, Evolve Vacation Rental, Experiencia Spanish & Surf School, and other amazing projects.
When I’m not holding my cameras, I enjoy making ceramics Aloha Aina, traveling, or catching waves in the warm Pacific.
I prefer to let the photos do the talking so if you wish to know more or to invite me, just ask.
 Life is beautiful – let’s capture it!